Top 5 Free Fire guns for pushing ranks and engaging in aggressive gameplay in August 2022 » Shivansh Dubey

One of the games that players adore the most in the category of battle royale is Free Fire. Fans of mobile gaming have a lot of options to pick from, but this one is one of the best because to its dynamic gameplay and high-quality graphics.

When facing off against their foes, players have access to a wide variety of firearms, ranging from shotguns to assault rifles. Players, on the other hand, may have a tough time selecting the optimal weapon for their play style and the diverse combat ranges they encounter.

Along with the MP40, these are the four most effective weapons in Free Fire for pushing ranks and engaging in aggressive gameplay.

5) MP5

Because it has such an impressive rate of fire and a large capacity for ammunition, the MP5 is an excellent choice for an SMG recommendation for users who want to advance their ranks to higher leagues.

They are able to load up to 48 bullets at once, which is sufficient to deal with more than one foe at a time. The incredible rate of fire of 76 that the gun possesses, combined with the character’s high movement speed of 81, makes it simple for the character to move quickly. The weapon’s standard damage has been maintained at 48 hit points throughout.

4) AWM

Players who equip the bolt-action sniper rifle known as the AWM in Free Fire become unstoppable in mid- and long-range firefights. They also have the ability to use the sniper to take kills from a distance from other players.

The scope, which has an 8x magnification and a great range, is already installed on the firearm. It deals an average of 90 hit points’ worth of damage per hit, which is sufficient to eliminate an opponent with a single headshot. The only way to obtain an AWM is through in-game airdrops.

3) M1014

Players of Free Fire agree that the M1014 is the best shotgun available to them. The weapon is unbeatable in close-quarters combat due to the significant damage it deals with a single shot.

It is an excellent choice for aggressive players and rank pushers, who are able to easily take down opponents in 1v1 battles thanks to the ease with which they can do so.

An impressive 94 hit points worth of base damage can be delivered by the firearm. Users have the ability to load up to six bullets at once, which makes it easier to eliminate enemy squads with less shots.

The slow reload time of the rifle, which can take between 20 and 22 seconds, is something that users must be aware of.

2) Groza

Players who employ an aggressive gameplay style are likely to find the Groza to be one of the most beneficial assault rifles. It has an impressive range, and it deals a lot of damage per hit, so it can help you take out your opponents with just two or three headshots and get more Booyahs.

The weapon has a base damage of 61 hit points, is more lethal, and has impressive stability and range. In addition, it has a longer range. Users are able to more quickly spot their enemies at medium and long ranges thanks to the additional coverage, and they can also earn their kill points for a quicker push up to higher tiers.

1) MP40

The MP40 is one of the most lethal weapons you can use at close range in Free Fire. It has a fantastic rate of fire and deals a respectable amount of damage per hit.

In addition to this, the firearm has an exceptional rate of reloading, which allows the user to engage a greater number of foes in combat without having to worry about switching to a secondary weapon.

This submachine gun has a rate of fire of 83 and deals 48 damage per hit, which combines to make it an excellent option for rank pushing and aggressive gameplay. It is possible for players to use it as their primary rifle in order to engage foes in one-on-one combat, thereby increasing their kill count and tier ranking.

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