Top 3 best Free Fire gloo wall tips and tricks to use in BR/CS ranks (August 2022) » Shivansh Dubey

Top 3 best Free Fire gloo wall tips and tricks to use in BR/CS ranks (August 2022) » Shivansh Dubey

Free Fire is one of the most well-known battle royale games, and its popularity is evidenced by the fact that millions of people play it on a daily basis. In addition to this, it has amassed millions of downloads on the most popular app shops, including the Google Play Store.

Players can participate in a one-of-a-kind battle royale survival gameplay that includes a plethora of features that stand out.

Gloo walls are a popular addition to the game, and they allow players to construct a solid barrier in front of themselves by using specialised grenades. They have also invented a variety of fascinating tactics that may be used to make effective use of the gloop walls.

Due to the fact that users may utilise these gloo wall methods for both defence and offence, they provide a considerable edge in higher-tier competition.

In Free Fire, a quick gloo wall and two more tricks are required for higher ranks.

3) Perform a sit-up against the gloop wall
One of the most well-known gloop wall tricks is the sit-up, which is used by a lot of professionals. Users can pick it up really fast, and they don’t need a large supply of gloop wall grenades in order to utilise it effectively.

Players on the battleground can utilise the strategy to their advantage to make their way into safe zones while simultaneously evading strikes from their opponents.

Using this strategy, you can protect yourself from headshots that your opponents aim at you. In order to use it, players need to make a rapid finger movement, during which they must press the gloo wall grenade button and the crunch button simultaneously. This will cause the gloo wall to be placed on the ground.

2) A quick trick for the gloop wall
The Quick Gloo Wall trick is the second one you need to know for higher-ranking gameplay. When defending against an unexpected onslaught from an adversary, it is of considerable assistance. Players are able to swiftly place a gloo wall from the side of the attack when they use this trick.

They need to have a decent set of sensitivity settings in Free Fire in order to successfully implement the gloo wall trick. Additionally, users have the ability to adjust the position of buttons, such as the analogue and gloo wall grenade buttons, in order to press them more rapidly.

After that, players have to immediately position a gloop wall and fast switch their camera angles toward the position of the enemy.

1) The gloo wall trick in 360 degrees
In Free Fire, one of the gloo wall stunts that is utilised the most frequently is the 360-degree rotation. It is necessary to have a fundamental understanding of how to quickly operate the gloo wall grenade and the dag button in order to position these objects in the best locations.

Players participate in the 360° gloo wall trick by surrounding themselves with gloo walls on all sides of their bodies.

Those who have fast response times will have no trouble mastering the 360-degree gloo wall technique. Because there should not be any space between the walls, players will need a large quantity of gloo wall grenades to complete the task.

It is necessary for them to press the drag button while simultaneously rotating the analogue button in a full 360-degree motion in order to construct gloo walls around themselves. Users of the trick are able to protect themselves without the need for a strong cover, which makes it useful for the rank push to higher leagues.

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