The optimal keymapping and configuration settings for playing Free Fire MAX on a pc

Both Garena Free Fire and its improved successor, Free Fire MAX, are games that can be played on mobile devices. As a result, they are designed to be played on smartphones, particularly those of a mid-range price point. On the other hand, many gamers have begun playing Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy MAX on personal computers because to the growth in popularity of Android emulators.

Playing a mobile game on a personal computer enables more precise control over the character’s movement and aiming than is possible on a mobile device. Players can enhance their capabilities in Free Fire MAX and ultimately increase their performance by adjusting their settings and keymapping appropriately, despite the fact that many new users can still find it to be a bit confusing when they first use it.

What are the optimal system settings and keymapping for playing Free Fire MAX on a personal computer?


Keymapping, also known as keybinding, is a feature that enables video game players to map specific commands to individual keys on the keyboard. Because of this, they are able to improve the effectiveness of the controls they use when playing the game. The ideal keybinds for a game, particularly for tactical shooters, will enable players to use the keyboard and mouse to facilitate combat on the battlefield. This is especially important for games that focus on realism.

The following are the keybindings that work best for Free Fire MAX when running on an Android emulator:

Joystick (Forward, Backward, Left, Right)W, S, A, D
ShootLeft Mouse Button
Primary Weapon2
Secondary Weapon3
Melee WeaponQ
Gloo WallE
Grenade6 (Second slot for Grenade)
MediKitCaps Lock
Active SkillMiddle Mouse Button
Scope (AdSing) Right Mouse Button
Use, Eject, etc.X
Loot (First loadout, Second loadout)F & G
Armor RepairF
Output VoiceShift
EmoteCtrl+1, Ctrl+2,…., up to Ctrl+8 (In an increasing order for eight emotes)

Players can locate a ‘Controls editor’ on any Android emulator, which they can employ to bind specific actions to a given key. Players can select their chosen command and touch on their choice key to assign the shortcut to the keyboard.

Note: Players can refer to the help page on the emulator’s official website to learn about the method of accessing the ‘Controls editor.’ For example, in BlueStacks’ situation, the editor is accessed via the keyboard icon on the right. Additionally, players should refer to the table and not the image for the best keymapping configuration.

In-game display settings :

Because of the excellent quality of Garena’s BR shooter, players should generally adjust the settings on their personal computers to a higher level for display, frame rate, and graphics. Since Free Fire MAX is not a game that can harm your device, it is highly unlikely that increasing the setting will result in performance difficulties such as delays and stutters.

Therefore, in order to get the best experience out of Free Fire MAX, one should utilise these display settings on their Android emulators:


  • Graphics – Ultra High resolution – High
  • Shadow – On
  • Filter – Personal Preferences for Filtering – Set
  • High frames per second (FPS) – High


  • Autoscale – On
  • Minimap – Depends on the user’s preference


The sensitivity of the controls can be adjusted, which is a necessary step that enables players to better manage recoil, improve their aim accuracy, and gain command of the movement controls. When it comes to scopes, the appropriate sensitivity should be higher for items that are located at closer distances, and it should be lower for those that are located further away. Therefore, players on PC can adjust the sensitivity to the following settings for Free Fire MAX:

  • General: 95-98
  • Red-dot: 85-90
  • 2X Scope: 100
  • 4X Scope: 100
  • Sniper Scope: 40-42
  • Free look: 68 – 70 (One can also adjust as per their preference)

When users have finished making changes to the settings and keymapping, they should head to the training grounds so that they can acclimatise to the new settings and become accustomed to the new keymapping. They will have the opportunity to have a better understanding of the controls, which they will thereafter be able to adjust if necessary.

Note: Please take into consideration that this article is entirely based on the author’s opinion, as it is subjective.

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