Instructions on how to play, hints, and tips for the Free Fire MAX Factory Challenge

One of the most entertaining and challenging game types available in Free Fire MAX is called the Factory Challenge. Players enjoy playing this mode to gauge their current level of expertise as well as improve their aim and accuracy.

The Factory Challenge mode is a custom-made map in which users can design their own rooms and compete against other players that are connected to the same server. On the Bermuda map, the mode is played at the very top of the Factory.

The primary distinction between this mode and others is that players are not permitted to wield any weapons; instead, they must engage in combat using only their bare hands or their fists. The last player to survive is considered the winner.

This article explains how to compete in the Factory Challenge and provides a few strategies that participants can use to improve their chances of success.

How to get started in Free Fire MAX’s Factory Challenge and how to win it.

With the use of a room card, players have the ability to create a Factory Challenge. To begin playing, go as directed in the following steps:

  • Head to the map selection option
  • Tap on the custom button to get the option to create a room card.
  • If a player owns a room card, it will give him the option to choose the desired map
  • Select ‘Factory Challenge’.
  • Players can customize options like the number of players and spectators and add a password to the room.
  • Click on the ‘Confirm’ button. Doing so will successfully create a Factory Challenge mode in Free Fire MAX.

The following advice should be followed by players after they have successfully created a room in order to get the most out of their gaming experience:

1) Use of characters

The player’s selection of character will be one of the most critical factors in determining whether or not they will emerge victorious from the Factory Challenge in Free Fire MAX. Players have access to over 30 distinct special characters, each of which may be purchased and used throughout the game. Nevertheless, Kla and DJ Alok are the two characters that are going to be the most useful for gamers to use in this mode.

The Muay Thai talent that comes standard with Kla increases the damage done by fists. The ability, when upgraded to its base level, grants the user the ability to increase the damage done by a fist attack by as much as one hundred percent.

It is possible for players to achieve up to 400% more damage with their fists if they have upgraded their character to the maximum level. This makes it possible for players to kill an opponent with just two or three punches.

The Drop the Beat ability that DJ Alok possesses grants the player the ability to generate a 5 metre radius healing aura around himself. The healing aura causes the player’s health to regenerate at a rate of 5 health points each second. The movement speed is additionally increased by 10% thanks to the aura, which is quite helpful for making quick movements.

2) Get third-party kills

In order to prevail in the Factory Challenges presented by Free Fire MAX, players should launch third-party attacks against their rivals. An attack by a third party involves taking advantage of two players who are already engaged in combat and eliminating both of them.

Gamers have two opportunities to attack their targets: either when both of them have a low amount of health points or after one of them has defeated their rival.

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