How to obtain low-cost diamonds and other benefits with a Free Fire MAX membership

The vast majority of players in Free Fire MAX are constantly searching for diamonds in order to get additional cosmetics and other in-game stuff in the competitive battle royale game. In most cases, they look forward to a 100% top-up bonus and other events of a similar nature in addition to doing consistent searches for top-up websites that provide deals that satisfy their prerequisites.

However, being a member is a great solution to their search for less expensive diamonds. It is constantly accessible within the game, but the majority of players are unaware of the possibility that it presents in the shape of diamonds that can be purchased for a low price. Players will not only be able to purchase the virtual money at a lower price, but they will also be eligible for a number of other benefits.

This is a guide on how to earn cheap diamonds from memberships in Free Fire MAX.

In Free Fire MAX, there are two distinct sorts of memberships available to choose from. (Image from Garena)

Following the update that took place in the latter half of 2021, memberships have evolved into the optimal method for Free Fire MAX players to acquire the highly desirable in-game currency at a reduced cost. They have two alternatives available to them: monthly and weekly, and further discussion of each of these choices may be found below.

A membership on a weekly basis

The Weekly membership costs 159 Indian Rupees (INR), and for that price, players are entitled to the following benefits:

  • 100 diamonds immediately on purchase
  • 350 diamonds from the daily check-in
  • Weekly membership icon
  • Discount store privileges
  • 8x Universal EP Badge
  • Second Chance

In addition, they have the opportunity to activate the subscription in order to earn 100 additional diamonds in the very beginning of the process. On the other hand, this will lead to the membership being automatically renewed when it reaches its expiration date.

A subscription with a monthly fee The most expensive option for gamers is a monthly membership.

which costs 799 Indian Rupees (INR) and offers far more value than the option that costs less money. The following are some of the benefits of it:

  • 500 diamonds immediately on purchase
  • 2100 diamonds from the daily check-in
  • Monthly membership icon
  • Discount store privileges
  • 60x Universal EP Badge
  • 5x Second Chance
  • Weapon Skin Gift Box

When a player cracks open this Gift Box, they will be given the choice to choose one of the following gun skins:

  • M4A1 Pink Laminate
  • Futuristic SCAR
  • MP40 – Sneaky Clown
  • M1014 Winterlands
  • Thompson Time Travelers
  • FAMAS Swagger Ownage

There is no doubt that the cheaper diamond prices, new gun skins, and EP badges have attracted a significant number of players to this option.

In addition, players have the ability to activate both memberships in order to have access to Super VIP perks. It includes an additional 15 diamonds per day in addition to a gift box containing an Evo Gun Token. It should come as no surprise that this results in a further drop in the price of diamonds, providing even better value for the money. However, in order to take advantage of these bonuses, players will need to have both memberships active at the same time.

Instructions for obtaining discounted diamonds through memberships

Users can acquire a membership by following these instructions, and then claim the prizes by following these instructions as well:

Step 1: You need to launch the membership area by clicking on the membership symbol located at the very top of the display screen (shown below).

Step 2: The next thing that will happen is that players will be given two options: weekly and membership. They will need to complete the transaction after clicking on the button that is located below the option that they selected in order to receive the rewards.

Step 4: Once the payment has been successfully processed, the membership will be enabled. The initial check-in will award the individuals with a small number of diamonds, but the remainder of their diamonds will need to be collected throughout the week.

Even though the weekly and monthly memberships provide a significant discount, the Super VIP deal is going to be the most cost-effective way to acquire diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

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