How to obtain free diamonds in-game when playing Free Fire MAX (September 2022)

The game Free Fire MAX is widely regarded as one of the best examples of the battle royale subgenre. It has broken many records in a variety of areas, including the total number of downloads.

The astounding quality of the gaming experience may be attributed to the high-end graphics and intense gameplay dynamics, which include a wide variety of elements like as guns, vehicles, clothing, characters, and more.

Users now have access to a unique form of cash known as diamonds, thanks to the developers. They can put it toward the purchase of a wide variety of awesome in-game items, including emotes, characters, and elite passes, amongst other things. However, in order to add diamonds to their accounts, players are required to spend real money.

There are a lot of people who are looking for quick and simple ways to get free diamonds so they can buy the stuff they want to use in the game.

Note: Gamers are cautioned to only engage in activities that are legal, as engaging in activities that are not allowed can result in permanent account bans.

The top software programmes and strategies for acquiring free diamonds in Free Fire MAX

1) Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards programme is the first method available for acquiring free diamonds in Free Fire MAX. Since Google was the company that created the application, you can feel completely confident using it. It is based on the concept known as GPT, which stands for “Get Paid To,” and it allows users to earn real money by doing in-app chores.

One of these activities requires them to respond to short questionnaires that are given to them at random. Players of Final Fantasy MAX can make a significant amount of real money by downloading and installing the app for free from the Google Play Store.

These funds are sent over to the associated Google Play account. Players have the ability to get a free diamond by exchanging this money at the in-game store for diamonds.

2) Play custom rooms and tournaments

Playing in free-to-enter tournaments and custom rooms is the second way to acquire diamonds without spending real money in the game. Players can locate a large number of YouTube channels and other social media pages that present daily custom rooms in the game Free Fire MAX.

They are able to showcase their abilities in these rooms and receive prizes such as elite passes, memberships, and diamonds as a result of their participation.

These specialised rooms and competitions offer a fantastic opportunity to hone in-game abilities such as aim, tracing, and accuracy, as well as improve one’s overall game sense. When a player achieves victory in a match, the host will present them with special prizes, such as diamonds, as a token of their appreciation.

3) Booyah!

Garena made the Booyah! application accessible to all Free Fire MAX users with their most recent update. They can get it for free from the top app shops that are compatible with their smartphones.

The app plays host to a number of competitions, each of which offers its users the opportunity to compete for a variety of unique costumes and other prizes if they do well.

They have the opportunity to engage in these events in order to gain in-game currency, which can then be used to unlock emotes, bundles of outfits, and a great deal more. The collected diamonds can be put to use by the readers in a variety of ways, including allowing them to unlock upgradable weapon skins, new elite passes that come with legendary costumes, and many other instances.

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