How to get Iris character and the Beauty Reuniter Bundle both in free this week in Free Fire MAX.

Garena has begun a brand-new Free Fire MAX top-up event, and as an incentive for players to reach the minimum top-up barrier, they are offering an exclusive Deadly Sunshine Deluxe Bundle for Iris in addition to another outfit. The beginning of the event occurred immediately following the conclusion of the Hoot top-up event.

Players enjoy participating in these kind of events because they allow them to obtain a higher amount of premium in-game currency for the same amount of money. As a consequence of this, the makers of the battle royale game make sure that there is always a top-up event to participate in.

Free character and package are being given away as part of the new top-up event in Free Fire MAX.

The new top-up event was introduced by Garena on the 15th of August 2022, and players will have access to it up to the 19th of August 2022. In contrast to the events that came before, the developers have raised the bar higher. The two different awards, along with the criteria necessary to qualify for each one, are as follows:

  1. Purchase 100 diamonds to receive Iris’ Deadly Sunshine Deluxe Bundle
  2. Purchase 500 diamonds to receive Beauty Reuniter Bundle

Both the requirements are cumulative, and players only need to do is purchase 500 diamonds to get both items.

Iris’ Deadly Sunshine Deluxe Bundle includes the following items:

  • Iris character
  • 900x Universal Fragments
  • Deadly Sunshine (Shoes)
  • Deadly Sunshine (Bottom)
  • Deadly Sunshine (Top)

How to purchase diamonds and get top-up rewards

The following is a list of the procedures that players can do in order to acquire diamonds and receive both awards in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: In order to enter the Free Fire MAX top-up section, customers must first select the diamond icon located at the very top of the display.

Step 2: multiple top-up possibilities will be offered on the screen, and players will be able to select the one that best suits their needs while also verifying that all of the prerequisites for the top-up event have been satisfied.

Step 3: Players can finish the transaction by making the payment, at which point diamonds will be added to their respective accounts.

Step 4: At this point, they will be able to access the event part of the battle royale game and claim the benefits that were previously discussed.

Users are getting a wonderful deal out of this event because, normally, purchasing character packages of this kind requires gamers to pay 1199 gems within the store. Players, on the other hand, will receive an additional Beauty Reuniter Bundle, which will further improve the value of the goodies they earn.

Therefore, users who routinely spend real money on the game’s currency can absolutely take advantage of the event to get more bang for their buck out of their purchases.

Free Fire Max Iris character.

Iris is a new character in Free Fire MAX who was previously available on the Advance Server. She has an active Wall Brawl skill that allows players to mark foes within seven meters of an attacked Gloo Wall. Additionally, attacking the Gloo Wall will damage marked enemies behind it.

This ability applies to a maximum of three Gloo Walls. It only lasts for five seconds at the first level and is followed by an 80-second cooldown.

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