How to get all anniversary items and bundle in free, Free Fire MAX

Garena has on a constant basis surpassed the community of Free Fire’s expectations and has made the anniversary celebrations even more spectacular with each passing year. The celebrations to mark the fifth anniversary have been going on for the past week and will continue to keep players occupied and entertained for the next weeks.

The 5 chapters that have been carefully designed are the primary lure for this round of celebrations. These are made available on a weekly basis, and the Style Capsule may now be accessed within the battle royale game itself. The fact that players now have the possibility to obtain one of the outfits that was available during earlier anniversary celebrations has ratcheted up the enthusiasm.

Players of Free Fire MAX can acquire free outfits from past anniversaries through the use of the Style Capsule.

The Style Capsule began on the 13th of August, 2022 in Free Fire MAX. It is extremely similar to the Battle Capsule and began at the same time. In order for players to be able to illuminate an anniversary costume, they must first accomplish all of the associated tasks for that particular outfit. Every day at 4:00 AM, a new costume will become available, and in order for them to earn the rewards for the previous outfit, they will need to fulfil the activities associated with that outfit.

They will receive particular incentives consisting of coupons, Amethyst Pentagons, and other items upon the lighting of each and every costume. After players have unlocked all five different clothes, they will be eligible to obtain the big prize of the Style Capsule, which is a unique container.

The following items are included in both the progress rewards and the ultimate prize that may be won in the Style Capsule:

  • 1st Anniversary outfit: 3x Amethyst Pentagon, Bonfire, and Armor Crate
  • 2nd Anniversary outfit: 3x Amethyst Pentagon, Pet Food, and Bounty Token Play Card (7d)
  • 3rd Anniversary outfit: 3x Amethyst Pentagon, Pixelated Staircase, and Supply Crate
  • 4th Anniversary outfit: 3x Amethyst Pentagon, Gold Royale Voucher (Expiry date: 30 September 2022), and Summon Airdrop
  • 5th Anniversary outfit: Style Capsule (Purple), Choice Crate, Diamond Royale Voucher (Expiry date: 30 September 2022), and Gold Royale Royale Voucher (Expiry date: 30 September 2022)

The following bundles are contained within the crate:

  • Elven Red Suit
  • Assault Force Bundle
  • Amplified Bassrock Bundle
  • The Psycho Maniac Bundle

Steps to get a free outfit from the Style Capsule

Players can collect the goodies that are available through the Style Capsule in Free Fire MAX by following the procedure that is provided below:

Step 1: requires users to open the unique 5th Anniversary Interface by clicking on the symbol located in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: After that, users can select the second chapter to go live, which is called “Style Capsule.”

Step 3: Once they have finished all of the associated quests for an outfit, they can click on the crate that is located underneath it to claim their goodies.

When they have illuminated all five clothes, they will be given a unique box that they can then crack open in the vault in order to retrieve the preferred outfit.

In Free Fire MAX, players almost never pass up an opportunity to receive a free outfit because these items frequently cost hundreds or even thousands of diamonds.

Therefore, the event that allows players to get anniversary outfits that were previously available is a terrific opportunity even for new players to get their hands on costumes that they had missed in the past. In addition, the completion of these duties is not overly challenging and may even be accomplished by inexperienced users.

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