Free Fire MAX will release the next Diamond Royale soon, and there have been some leaks.

Both Garena Free Fire MAX and Free Fire are well-liked first-person shooters that can be played for free but offer a variety of in-app purchases. The game’s store, various events, and the Luck Royale chest are just some of the ways that players might acquire the stuff they seek. In addition to this, Garena is constantly adding new content to the game, which causes the existing things to be updated.

The producers of Diamond Royale have insured that players would receive new things after a predetermined amount of time, making it an excellent illustration of the aforementioned consistency. The prize pool for Diamond Royale has a number of different costumes and various accessories, but the primary attraction and focus of everyone’s attention is on a rare costume bundle. This bundle is the only one of its kind.

The Rowdy Searuler package has been exposed by recent leaks concerning Garena Free Fire MAX’s impending Diamond Royale (Indian server)

According to the most current information that has surfaced on the forthcoming Diamond Royale, which is a subsection of the Luck Royale tournament, the most valuable item in the prize pool will be a bundle of Rowdy Searuler costumes. In addition, the next instalment of Diamond Royale is scheduled to be released on August 21, 2022, at 4:00 in the morning (IST).

The Rowdy Searuler costume bundle includes the following costumes and accessories:

  1. Rowdy Searuler (Head)
  2. Rowdy Searuler (Mask)
  3. Rowdy Searuler (Top)
  4. Rowdy Searuler (Bottom)
  5. Rowdy Searuler (Shoes)

As more information about the remaining portion of the prize pool comes out in the coming days, players will have the opportunity to learn more about it. They are able to access the rewards from the ongoing Diamond Royale prize pool in the meanwhile, with the Magma Bionicon bundle serving as the competition’s primary prize.

The following is a rundown of the process that participants must go through in order to participate in Diamon Royale and win prizes:

Step1: thing that players need do is locate and launch the Free Fire MAX application on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Step2: is for players to sign in using the social networking platform that is connected to their game accounts.

Step 3: After successfully checking in, gamers should look on the left side of the page for the Luck Royale icon and click on it.

Step4: requires them to maintain their position on the Diamond Royale tab located within the Luck Royale section.

Step 5: In Diamond Royale, in order for players to be eligible for awards, they need to take spins that cost diamonds. A single turn for a spin will set you back 60 diamonds, however taking 11 spins all at once would cost you a total of 600 diamonds.

However, if players don’t want to purchase diamonds, they can claim awards in the particular Luck Royale portion of Garena Free Fire MAX by using Diamond Royale coupons instead of diamonds. One should also keep in mind that the clothing awards can only be obtained once, although one can acquire objects like cards and fragments numerous times during the course of the game.

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