Free Fire Advance Server: Update information for OB36, including the scheduled release date and instructions on how to register

After a short period of time has passed after the most recent OB35 patch, the Free Fire community has been looking forward to the OB36 update being released. The new edition, much like previous versions, will include an abundance of one-of-a-kind features that, together, will make the user’s experience more pleasurable.

In addition, Garena will provide an Advance Server prior to the launch of the new update. This will allow players to test the upcoming content for any bugs or other issues before it is made available to the general public. However, in order to use this particular test server, one must first obtain the Activation Code from the administrator.

When is the next upgrade to the Free Fire Advance Server for OB36 anticipated to take place?

In keeping with the precedent set by previous updates, the OB36 patch for Free Fire will be made available for download exactly one day before the current season of the Clash Squad mode comes to a close. Due to the fact that the Clash Squad season has been prolonged, the new estimation for the date on which the next edition will be released is the 21st of September 2022.Since Advance Servers are typically introduced a few weeks before the update, the server for the OB36 version is anticipated to be released sometime between September 5 and September 8, 2022 this year. This is due to the fact that Advance Servers are typically introduced a few weeks before the update. It is anticipated that the sign-up process for it will start toward the end of August or the beginning of September.

Instructions on how to sign up for the server

It is important to note that registering is the only way to acquire the Activation Code needed to log in to the server. This is the only way to access the server. As a consequence of this, players are required to finalise their registrations in order to obtain the unique code and test out the Advance Server.

The following are some of the general procedures that they can take once registrations have begun, if they so choose:

Step 1: requires users to fire up a web browser and look for the Advance Server page in their search results.

Step 2: When they visit the website, they will see two different login options: Google and Facebook. During the process of registering, they are free to use one of the two options.

Step 3: After a player has successfully logged in, they will be prompted to enter their email addresses into a form that will appear on their screens. After they have entered the correct one, they are able to select the “Join Now” option.

When users have finished registering, they have the option of waiting for a response from the developers regarding the Activation Code. If made available, they are able to use the Advance Server on their respective devices.

It is important to note that Indian gamers should not play Free Fire on their mobile devices because the game has been prohibited throughout the country. Since the Indian government did not take action to outlaw the MAX edition, they are free to play it.

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