Details regarding the Neon Top Criminal bundle for Free Fire MAX, including the release date, special effects, and more

Both Garena Free Fire and Free Fire are on the table. There is a lot of demand for collectibles, and one of the most popular categories is bundles. They have a history with Free Fire fans that dates back well before the launch of the MAX edition itself, and publishers have now made the decision to offer a new Top Criminal variant within the next few days.As part of one of the celebrations commemorating the game’s 5th anniversary, the next Top Criminal bundle is scheduled to go live in a few days. It will feature some impressive special effects, which users will be able to view at one of the 5th Anniversary events. Its name is the Neon Top Criminal bundle, and it will be available for purchase.

On August 13, 2022, Top Criminal (Neon) is scheduled to become available in Free Fire MAX.

As part of the festivities commemorating the game’s fifth anniversary, the ‘Glitch Ascension’ will make available the most recent iteration of the Top Criminal bundle. The occasion will start on the 13th of August and continue through the 19th of August. In light of the fact that Garena has disclosed the name of the event, players should anticipate the release of additional unusual goodies in conjunction with Neon Top Criminal.

Retail cost of the Neon Top Criminal package

Garena has, to our regret, not yet provided any particular pricing information regarding the forthcoming Top Criminal bundle. On the other hand, participants can anticipate the event to involve the distribution of tokens that can be redeemed for the forthcoming package. Because players are forced to perform spins in order to collect the necessary materials, these event tokens will cost diamonds.On the other hand, the full information on the impending Free Fire MAX event will be disclosed by the publishers on August 13th, which is also the debut day.

Structure and distinguishing features

The fundamental look of the Top Criminal Packages has not been altered by Garena, as the new edition also includes a clown face and a clothing that resembles a uniform but is monochromatic. Teasers for the first glimpse at Neon Top Criminal suggest that the red-colored variation will serve as the foundation for the next generation of the character.On the other hand, in contrast to its predecessors, the Mythic version of Neon Top Criminal will come bundled with some extra effects. As soon as a player has acquired the bundle, they are able to equip it on the battlefield and show off the visual effects whenever they take out an opponent or run in whatever direction they choose.

After the glitch-like special effects have been activated, the package will take on the look of being neon-masked. In addition to that, upon the activation of the VFX, neon-colored lightning signs will be displayed. In the event that this does not occur, the Neon variation will be packaged with the Red Top Criminal content in Free Fire MAX.

Other information about the new Top Criminal bundles

Garena has disclosed that the upcoming Top Criminal variant has been a top pick by the designers, which may also be due to the popularity of the original bundle. Garena has speculated that the popularity of the original bundle may also be to blame. Since the publishers have stated that it would not be featured in the game for at least the next year and a half, the Neon Top Criminal bundle does not have any special effects or premium design that are exclusive to themselves.

Therefore, Garena has already decided in advance that the Neon Top Criminal will be an extremely uncommon item that may be purchased for a little over a week beginning on the 13th of August. As a result, readers can tune in to Free Fire MAX on the same day to obtain Neon Top Criminal, provided they have sufficient diamonds to spend on the item.

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