5 rare Free Fire bundles, for example the Red Criminal (MAX version)

For fans of battle royales, Free Fire MAX is a premium game. With its HD graphics and engaging action, the game has become incredibly popular. More than 50 players arrive on the same island and engage in combat to determine who will survive the longest.

The creators added a tonne of intriguing costume bundles to the gameplay to make it even more remarkable. Some of these bundles are available to players for no cost, while others must be purchased with gold or diamonds.

One of the most well-known bundles ever published in the game is the Red Criminal bundle. This article describes five uncommon bundles that are comparable to the Free Fire MAX Red Criminal package.

Red Criminal, Sakura, and four additional rare bundles in Free Fire MAX

1) Hip Hop Bundle

The Hip Hop bundle is perhaps one of the more interesting bundles that are available in Final Fantasy MAX.

The set comes in an exquisite pink colour theme and includes a one-of-a-kind headpiece as well as a mask.
The bundle was initially made available to players as part of the Elite Pass during the game’s second season and has since made its way into the game on a few subsequent occasions. The players are waiting with bated breath for the creators to once more make the bundle available for purchase.

The following items make up the entirety of the package:

  • The Streets (Head)
  • The Streets (Top)
  • The Streets (Bottom)
  • The Streets (Shoes

2) Sakura Bundle

In Free Fire MAX, the Sakura Bundle is one of the most popular bundles available. The bundle was initially made available to players in the game’s very first Elite Pass. Items obtained through earlier Elite Passes are considered to be of the highest possible rarity because so few players really own them. The Way of the Bushido (Top), which is utilised by a great deal of Free Fire MAX content makers and professional players, is the component of the bundle that stands out as the most appealing.

The following items make up the entirety of the package:

  • Oni Mask
  • Way of the Bushido (Top)
  • Bushido Bottom
  • Bushido Footwear

3) Mars Warclasher bundle

In Free Fire MAX, one of the most recent additions to the portion of the game devoted to outfit bundles is the Mars Warchlasher Bundle. This collection includes several outstanding legendary artefacts that players enjoy using across a variety of game styles and maps.

The package comes with a lot of enticing personalization choices. The player has the ability to modify its colours and come up with some really cool costume combinations. They have the ability to claim the package by participating in the Rampage Ascension event, which can be found in the events area.

The following items make up the entirety of the package:

  • Mars Warclasher – Head
  • Mars Warclasher – Faceprint
  • Mars Warclasher – Mask
  • Mars Warclasher – Top
  • Mars Warclasher – Bottom
  • Mars Warclasher – Shoes

4) Zombified Samurai bundle

Another bundle that has become increasingly uncommon over time is known as the Zombified Samurai bundle. The package was first made available for purchase in 2019 during the Zombie Samurai Summoning and has subsequently been made available during a few other events.

The headpiece that comes with the bundle is well-known because it looks like that of a demon with long grey hair and scarlet horns.

The following items make up the entirety of the package:

  • Zombie Samurai – Mask/Head
  • Zombie Samurai – Top
  • Zombie Samurai Bottom
  • Zombie Samurai Shoes

5) Bunny Warrior

In Free Fire MAX, the Bunny Warrior bundle is an uncommon collection of outfits. The package was introduced to the game for the first time in 2019 during the Draw a Bunny event, and it was made available to Indian players for the first time in the game in October of the same year.

The package has a blue and pink colour scheme and transforms the player’s character into a powerful mammal. This outfit features a bunny hat on top of a muscular chest, and it also has pink pants.

The following items make up the entirety of the package:

  • Bunny Warrior (Mask)
  • Bunny Warrior (Top)
  • Bunny Warrior (Bottom)
  • Bunny Warrior (Shoes)

Note: that the opinions of the writers were used to compile this list.

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