5 common errors that should be avoided in order to keep a high K/D ratio in Free Fire

Because it is one of the first things players look at when they check the profiles of other players in Free Fire, the kill-to-death ratio is an extremely important measure to track and keep an eye on. Many gamers place a great importance on having a high kill-to-death ratio because they believe that it reflects a high degree of competence.

As a consequence of this, users are always working toward the goal of either increasing their K/D ratio or keeping it at a higher level. Nevertheless, they consistently make a number of mistakes that hinder them from doing what they set out to do.

Please take into consideration that the author’s viewpoint is presented here. In addition, there is no particular order that this list adheres to.

There are 5 common mistakes that Free Fire players make that prevent them from keeping a high K/D ratio.

1) Directly jumping into the matches

A significant portion of Free Fire players ignore the recommendation to perform a warm-up before beginning gameplay. This means that players are not in their best form, which makes it more difficult to win gun engagements and consequently increases the likelihood of being removed extremely quickly.

They may head to the training island first and spend a few minutes warming up in the combat zone before the first game of the day. This is an alternative to immediately lining up for the game. This should make it easier for them to keep their K/D ratio consistent.

2) Playing aggressively and picking unfavorable fights

Free Fire players that play more aggressively will have a larger possibility of participating in duels; yet, this may also be the reason why they are quickly eliminated from the battlefield. Things almost never go according to plan, and they almost always go worse whenever participants make an effort to play more actively.

This is due to the fact that they choose to engage in unfavourable confrontations when they are outnumbered or when the battle is taking place in the open. They frequently do not possess the weapon that is most suitable for the circumstance, and as a result, they perish rather quickly, which results in a decrease in the K/D ratio.

3) Missing out on good characters

Free Fire features a large cast of unique characters, each of which possesses unique abilities that fall into one of two distinct categories: active or passive. Players have access to more than forty different possibilities. Nevertheless, some of the characters have a more significant impact than others.

A lot of inexperienced players don’t pay enough attention to active characters like K, Alok, Dimitri, Skyler, A124, and many more who can heal or provide you an advantage in battle. The fact that they do not have them is the only possible reason. In this scenario, they need to take advantage of the link system in order to acquire powerful active characters.

4) Extensively landing at hot drops

On the map, “hot drops” are any areas that, due to the high quality of the loot they provide, draw a large number of people. These function as double-edged swords in terms of the effort required to increase the K/D ratio. Imagine for a moment that players are able to quickly acquire the weaponry in these areas. If this is the case, they will have an easier time defeating multiple opponents all at once.

The user’s circumstances may be different from those of their opponents, who may gain the upper hand by amassing their weaponry early. They will be back in the lobby in a few short seconds, which will result in the K/D ratio being reduced. As a result, it is strongly recommended that they refrain from engaging in hot drops until they have an elite squad prepared.

5) Queuing with random players

It is not always to one’s advantage to queue with random opponents when participating in pair or team matches. It is difficult to play the game effectively as a team because there is a strong probability that you will receive teammates that are unable to communicate or coordinate effectively.

The majority of the time, unknown teammates do not revive or assist users when they are engaged in fight. As a consequence of this, there is a greater probability of getting removed before racking up a high number of kills. As a consequence of this, the K/D ratio of the consumers will go down. Instead, they might focus on building a strong team by playing games with partners or in small groups.

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